Your Pod

GBE will help you

(1) set the goals you want your pod to help you achieve for your child.

(2) make sure the people in your pod share your values and your child will be safe with them.

(3) give you a step-by-step way of getting your pod started and keeping it running smoothly without taking a lot of time.

(4) how to keep the people in your pod enthusiastic.

What Is A Pod

A pod is a safe online experience where a small group children of the same age get to socialize and learn from an adult. Typically a Pod is built by parents who hire someone to teach their children and they share the cost of the teacher or tutor. Pods are a great way to interact and socialize with other children if they’re unable to get out due to illness or restrictions.

So What Actually is a Learning Pod?

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Qualify Others in Your POD

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How to Get a POD Started

The most important step for your pod is the first step. The people you have chosen need to know you deeply appreciate their efforts, what you want to accomplish, and the steps you are making available to them to do that. GBE will help you do that.

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How to Strengthen the POD

You need to expect conflicts, confusion, unavoidable problems, and “bad days”. To be continuously successful you need to find what is working and make it stronger, and you need to be the first one to skillfully help everyone regain a calm and creative frame of mind when there are troubles. GBE will help you do that.

Safe Practices for Learning Pods