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Go Beyond Education gives overworked parents everything they need to prepare their children for an unpredictable future.

  • Go Beyond Education helps parents help their children develop three sets of survival skills:
  • Reading …kids need to fall in love with reading if they are going to stay in front of the future .
  • Team-Based Problem Solving …the problems kids are facing and will face are too big for individuals to solve
  • Team-Based Solutions …having solutions is not and will not be enough, putting solutions to work is all that counts, and solutions are so complex that teams are required
  • Go Beyond Education helps parents make their child’s public school or home-school or private school educational experience easier and more interesting.  GBE is to your child’s school what a gas station is to your car… GBE is not a school and is not in competition with schools.
  • Go Beyond Education is free. No strings. Period.
  • Go Beyond Education actually creates time for parents (who are already fully booked!). GBE has done all the research and puts all the resources at your fingertips.

Take Control.


There is no one more important to your child’s success than you. GBE will help you…

(1) beef-up your ability to “hear” what your child is saying “behind the words”,

(2) give you the ability to calm-down before you really heat-up,

(3) calm-down your child so he/she can hear you, and

(4) how to know what you value most and want most for your child. In this Quick Tour you’ll get a first look at yourself. If you decide to join GBE, you’ll be able to get a lot more detail.

Click here to learn more about yourself

Your Library

This is not your grandmother’s library…

Here you have immediate access to all the public libraries in the U.S., thousands of on-line books, virtual field trips from around the world, and an almost limitless treasure trove of learning games, YouTube learning events, and other resources too numerous to list. In this Quick Tour you’ll get a couple of virtual field trips, a few books, and a couple of learning games, as well as access to all the public libraries.

Click here to view the library

Your Child

The first secret to you helping your child succeed is for you to know the ways in which your child is one-of-a-kind…

GBE will help you discover:

(1) what your child wants to learn

(2) which of the eight learning styles are natural for your child

(3) what your child’s learning level is today. In this Quick Tour you’ll get started with a first look at your child’s interests and preferred learning style. If you decide to join GBE, you’ll be able to get a lot more detail

Click here to begin tracking your child’s development

Your Pod

Your “POD” is your private mini community you have built for your family in order to help your child fall in love with learning…

Go Beyond Education will help you

(1) set the goals you want your POD to help your child achieve

(2) make sure the people in your POD share your values and your child will be safe with them

(3) give you a step-by-step way of getting your POD started and keeping it running smoothly without taking a lot of time

(4) keep the people in your POD enthusiastic

Click here to view pod resources

Your Voice

This is where you talk to Go Beyond Education…

…and we really want to hear from you!

This Works: We want to know what you’ve found that “works” for your child, for you, or for your POD.

Wish I Knew: We want to know what you wish you knew, and we’ll get to work on finding answers.

Please Fix This: We want to know what is confusing, is not working, takes too long, or is generally too much of a hassle. We’ll fix it.

My Bright Ideas: We want to know your ideas and dreams for making GBE better for parents and their children.

Click here to see about feedback and conversation with the Go Beyond Education team

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