Chromebook Help

Connect to Wifi

After powering on your chromebook for the first time, you will need to connect to a wifi network. You can do this by clicking the time, shown in the bottom-right of the screen, and then clicking on the wifi button to select your network.

After connecting to your wifi, you will be prompted to sign in to your Go Beyond Education Google account using either your PIN or password. For privacy reasons, the name on the device accounts is “Beyond Education”, so you will see many apps greeting you as “Beyond”.

Accessing your apps

There are several apps installed on your Chromebook that have great content for you child to explore. To access the rest of the apps, click on the ringed dot in the lower-left of the screen. This will expand the bottom bar and show some of your apps. To see the rest of your apps, click the upward pointing arrow at the top of the now expanded bar.

Managing Your Amazon Kids+ Profiles.

Your Go Beyond Education Chromebook comes with a free year of Amazon Kids+ on an Amazon account intended for the device. To make changes to your Amazon account, you will first need your provided Go Beyond Education credentials so you can log in. The video below will demonstrate how to add and remove child profiles from your Amazon account.