The most precious role a parent plays in their child’s life is to set them up for success!

Your involvement in teaching your child the love of reading will help them gain success in developmental. Their development success will help with social skills along with academic achievement. When reading to your child as early as infancy, it helps your child to hear more words and in turn they will speak more words. As they mature and their language gets more extensive they will start to build on their vocabulary which will help them with reading.

Reading to your child at an early age will help stimulate the brain. As they get older they will begin to compare what they’re hearing to what’s happening around them. This helps with recall, cognitive development and perception.

Reading to your child also turns on and activates the brain cells that are connected with understanding language, critical thinking, visual imagery, connecting letters to written language and listening skills.

Just by taking a few minutes out of your day and reading to your child will help them grow! We realize that sometimes it can be a struggle especially for the children on the “go” so check out our tips below:

(1) beef-up your ability to “hear” what your child is saying “behind the words”.

(2) give you the ability to calm down before you really heat-up.

(3) calm down your child so he/she can hear you.

(4) how to know what you value most and want most for your child. In this Quick Tour you’ll get a first look at yourself.

Teach your children by example and remain calm when you’re speaking to them. Get down at eye level and look them in the eyes when you’re communicating. Make sure that you’re not distracted by your phone or anything else around you. Talk quietly and listen to what your child has to say. When children know and feel that they are being heard then they become more apt to listen to others. This is also a great way to teach them manners and how to take turns when speaking.

How to Calm Down

It is tough to stay calm in today’s world; actually, it is impossible! It is also true that when you are not calm it is impossible for you to help your child learn. GBE will help you live in the real world and instantly regain that calm frame of mind that lets you help your child.

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How to Calm Others

Your child lives in a pretty tough world. It is realistic for your child to be anxious, on-edge, angry, afraid, and sad from time to time. The hard truth is you can’t help your child if your child isn’t calm and confident. You’ve got to be an expert at quickly helping your child go from tense to calm. GBE will help you do that.

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How to Listen

Your child is communicating to you all the time… it is just that only some of the time does he or she use words. With that in mind, you’ve got to be an expert at “hearing” what your child is “saying” with silence, posture, and tone of voice. GBE will help you listen with your eyes as well as with your ears.

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Your Values

Values are the precious few got-to-haves not the many like-to-haves. For you to help your child succeed you have to know your values and then you need to bring people and learning opportunities into your child’s world that align with those values. GBE will help you do that.

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