Parent’s Role

Education is essential but not enough. You-the-parent need to help your child go beyond education.

Our school systems were built in the 1770’s in order to “produce” educated students in assembly line fashion. That was effective until the Information Age facilitated by the computer caused learning to be out-of-date in a matter of a few years or even a few hours.  Then COVID-19 hit and school systems were not able to adapt to teaching and learning via Zoom.  

What your child needs is to fall in love with learning… not fall in love with school, but fall in love with learning. You are the key to that.  Your child may not want to go to school, but your child wants to learn; just watch what happens when he/she gets a new app on the smartphone! You are the one, the only one, who can light the fuse and GoBeyondEducation is here to help you.                    

Knowledge doubles every 12 hours!

You –not school teachers—are the key to your child’s future.

  • 67% of school districts report that they do not help their teachers provide “personalized learning” or that the help provided is very ineffective. [EdWeek Research Center survey 2020] 
  • 86% of teachers report that they use software as their primary instructional tool now as compared to before COVID-19 [EdWeek Research Center survey. 2020] 
  • 60% of teachers report delivering less or a lot less one-on-one and small group instruction now as compared to prior to COVID-19.  [EdWeek Research Center survey 2020] 
  • 53% of teachers said that they feel much less effective, or somewhat less effective gauging students’ individual strengths and weaknesses, and personal interests, than they were before COVID-19 disrupted schools.

Your child’s ability to learn and keep on learning is the secret to success:

  • “…the illiterate [person] of the 21st century will be… those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Alvin Toffler, Future Shock, 1970.
  • An average of 30% of graduates from four-year colleges report that college did not prepare them for employment. 
  • Knowledge or facts are losing at least half their value (i.e., their “shelf-life”) faster every day: For example, 50% or less of the Engineering facts learned in 1930 were reliable for 35 years, but half or less of Engineering facts learned in 1960 were reliable for about 10 years; likewise, the “shelf-life” of a Psychology degree earned in 2016 is reliable only until 2023.

Your Three Targets for Your Child:

  1. Help your child fall in love with reading.  Knowledge –the knowledge your child needs and will need to live well in the 21st century—is changing and growing so fast that the only way your child can stay ahead of those who are falling behind is to love reading. GoBeyondEducation is designed to help you do that.
  1. Help your child fall in love with team-based problem solving.  The problems your child faces and the problems your child will face as an adult cannot be solved by any individual… team-based problem-solving skills are as essential as knowing how to program your smartphone. GoBeyondEducation is designed to help you do that.
  1. Help your child fall in love with team-based implementation of solutions: It is not enough that your child and his/her team can solve a problem, they must also implement the solution because it is only when the solution is implemented that the paychecks are signed.  GoBeyondEducation is designed to help you do that.