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This is not your grandmother’s library! Here you have immediate access to all the public libraries in the U.S., thousands of on-line books, virtual field trips from around the world, and an almost limitless treasure trove of learning games, YouTube learning events, and other resources too numerous to list.

Make a date to visit a library today!

Would you like to see your child’s face light up? Take them to a library! They will be able to discover new things about the world they never knew existed. Follow your child around and see what they are drawn to and help them pick out a book or two. When a child has a love of reading the benefits are many. They become better at grammar, understanding, they learn empathy and are able to communicate and tell how they’re feeling. They can tell a better story and their imaginations broaden.

Your child will love to explore all that the library has to offer. Not only are there books, there are also magazines, games and some libraries offer activities that your child will love.

Taking your child to a library will help them learn how to be mindful and responsible. When they learn to take care of a book and know it has to be returned by a specific time, this sets them up to be an accountable adult.

Public Libraries & Resources

Here you can connect to the library in your neighborhood and to libraries from across the country. Listings of public services are provided as well.

Public Libraries in the United States

Alaska State Libraries, Archives, & Museums

Public Health Depts.

Directory of Local Health Departments

State & Territorial Health Department Websites

Christian Schools Listing

List of NCSA Member and Accredited Schools

Online Schools Directory

Online Schools Directory

Public Schools Directory

Explore America’s Most Popular Colleges

Virtual Field Trips

Your child can explore the world (and outer space) and never leave home! GBE will connect you with virtual field trips to The White House, The Grand Canyon, the Space Shuttle, the North Pole… the list is endless.

Space Exhibits

The 13 Best Virtual Space Exhibits in the World

National Parks

62 Virtual Tours of Iconic National Parks Around the U.S.

Dinosaur Museums

Dinosaur Field Trip Locations and Virtual Tours

Learning About the World

41 Virtual Field Trips for Kids to Get Them Learning About the World

Aquarium Field Trips

15 Fascinating Aquarium Virtual Field Trips

100 Field Trips

The 100+ Best Virtual Tours and Field Trips for Kids and Students

North Pole

Trip to the North Pole


What’s Inside of the White House?

White House Tour : Inside the Residence of US President

White House Virtual Tour Experience

Interest Outdoors

National Trails System List

USA National Trails System List

National Wild & Scenic Rivers

National Wild and Scenic Rivers

National Parks

National Park System

59 US National Parks by Popularity

Games and Books

Everything your child wants to read regardless of age, interest, and learning level is found here. In addition, a long list of learning games and projects are at your fingertips.

Reading Games

Reading Games for Kids and Elementary Students


Sim City is free in EA Origin

Sim Theme Park Is Free to Download and Play


Everything your child wants to read regardless of age, interest, and learning level is found here.

PDF Drive Free Reads


Alaska Native Languages

Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska

Books by Alaska Native authors – for Alaska Book Week: Home

Philippians Native Language

English Tagalog Translation Dictionary And Phrasebook

Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Food is the “fuel” your child’s brain burns. Weak “fuel” equals weak performance. Strong “fuel” equals strong performance. You don’t have to become a food fanatic you just need to avoid the big mistakes and do a couple of the basics to give your child every advantage. GBE will show you how and will make it easy and affordable.

Physical Activities

Free Operation FitKids Curriculum

Lesson 2 – Spikeball™ Physical Education Curriculum

Social Distancing P.E Games

12 Fun Physical Education Games

11 Fun Physical Education Games

Why People Need to Exercise


The old saying is true: we are what we eat. Depending on what your child eats, your child’s ability to succeed will be like a junkyard clunker or a finely tuned race car. You don’t have to become a food fanatic to win the race, you just need to avoid the big mistakes and do a couple of the basics all the time. GBE will show you how and will make it easy and affordable.

Ideas for Meals

50 Lunch Ideas for Kids at Home or for School

Healthy Lunch Ideas

50 Healthy Kids Lunch Recipes