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What is Go Beyond Education?

Life, the future, is beyond education… and the future, the future of your children, is entirely unpredictable. Education alone will not give your children a successful future anymore than buying food for a week will keep you fed a year from now.  Your children need to know how to learn and solve problems and implement solutions that haven’t even been imagined today.  They need to go beyond education… and you are the person to help them get there.

Parents (not schools) are the key to your child’s successful future.

You may not be able to build a future for your children, you –and only you— can build your children for the future.

Going to school, education, is to your child’s future what a car is to getting-to work. Your child must also know how to drive and maintain that car long after he or she graduates… beyond education.

Parents know their children like no teacher can ever know them. It is the parent who knows “what makes each child tick” and the unique person each child is created to be.  It is only the parent who can help the child succeed fully in the future.

Everything You Need:

Go Beyond Education gives parents everything they need to prepare their children for the future their children will face.

Go Beyond Education actually creates time for parents (who are already fully booked!). GBE puts all the resources at your fingertips.

Go Beyond Education helps parents help their children develop three life-long strengths:

Reading …kids need to fall in love with reading if they are going to stay in front of the future. 

Team-Based Problem Solving …the problems kids are facing and will face are too big for individuals to solve… kids need to know how to solve problems in teams.

Team-Based Solutions …having solutions is not and will not be enough, putting solutions to work is all that counts… putting solutions into actions that works requires teams.

Go Beyond Education gives overworked parents everything they need to prepare their children for an unpredictable future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does it cost?  Nothing. Zero. No strings attached.
  1. What do you do with my contact information?  (1) We don’t sell it or trade it or use it in any commercial way.  (2) We do keep it completely within Go Beyond Education and use it for the purposes of keeping you informed, updated, and for the purpose of improving what we offer you.
  1. Can I allow others to use the site?
  1. Who are you? Go Beyond Education is a ___________ corporation that is the brainchild of friends and co-workers who realized (largely because of COVID-19) that school systems are not capable of helping parents help their children be prepared for the future.  We decided to do what we can do to bridge the gap. 
  1. Why are you doing this?  It is the right thing to do and we have the ability to do it.
  1. What are the requirements for using the site?
    1. As a family we encourage your active and continued participation in the website opportunities.
      1. To provide regular feedback [share your ideas] to improve the design, format, and content of the website to make it more relevant and useful for your family and others.
      2. To encourage others to join Pods and contribute to the education of others.
      3. To share your website experiences with others.
  1. Are regular group or individual fundraising activities required as part of using the website?
    1. No.  No cookies sales, no door-to-door magazine sales, no raffle ticket sales,  no car washes,  no candy sales, no other donations are solicited.  
    2. Just focus your efforts on your child’s love of reading
  1. Is the website a substitute for the environments of public-school education, homeschool, charter school, or a private school?
    1. No.  The Go Beyond Education is designed to support and compliment and perhaps supplement your existing education program.
    2. No academic credit will be earned or issued by Go Beyond Education.