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Virtual Field Trips

Your child can explore the world (and outer space) and never leave home! BE will connect you with virtual field trips to The White House, The Grand Canyon, the Space Shuttle, the North Pole… the list is endless.

Space Exhibits

The 13 Best Virtual Space Exhibits in the World

National Parks

62 Virtual Tours of Iconic National Parks Around the U.S.

Dinosaur Museums

Dinosaur Field Trip Locations and Virtual Tours

Learning About the World

41 Virtual Field Trips for Kids to Get Them Learning About the World

Aquarium Field Trips

15 Fascinating Aquarium Virtual Field Trips

100 Field Trips

The 100+ Best Virtual Tours and Field Trips for Kids and Students

North Pole

Trip to the North Pole


What’s Inside of the White House?

White House Tour : Inside the Residence of US President White House Tour