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How to Strengthen Your Pod

You need to expect conflicts, confusion, unavoidable problems, and “bad days”. To be continuously successful you need to find what is working and make it stronger, and you need to be the first one to skillfully help everyone regain a calm and creative frame of mind when there are troubles. BE will help you do that.

Safe Practices for Learning Pods

How to Build a Pod (for Learning or Just Socializing) for Your Family

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Set Child’s Learning Goals

You know your child (please see “Interests”, “Learning Styles”, and “Learning Level”). Now is the time to put all that to work. BE will have you develop a plan for what you child might want to learn in the next 30, 60, and 90 days.

4 Steps for Helping Your Child Set Effective Goals

Types of Goals Your Child Should Be Setting

How to Set Goals for Your Child This School Year

6 Types of Learning Goals For Students

6 Parent Tips on Setting Goals With Your Child

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Child’s Learning Level

Learning includes, but goes far beyond, education, grade level, and test scores. Your child is constantly learning how to succeed in this world. First, learning about the “out there”… how people react, what is dangerous and what is safe, and how things “work”, etc. Second, learning about the “in here”… body-sensations, emotions, thoughts, values, etc. The combination of the “out there” and the “in here” is your child’s learning level. BE will help you find your child’s current learning level and help you take your child to the next level.

The Vital Guide to Monitoring Child Progress

How to Determine Your Child’s Reading Level

Test Your Reading Level

Free Dyslexia Test for Children

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Learning Styles

Did you know that not all children learn in the same way and that most children have several different ways they learn best? If your child is having trouble learning it is probably because somebody is trying to make them learn in the wrong way… like using a screwdriver to pound a nail into a board. There are eight ways children learn. We’ll help you discover the way or the ways your child learns naturally.

Learning Style Inventory

Elementary Learning Styles Inventory

The 8 Learning Styles

What’s My Child’s Learning Preference?