Fitness for Teens

Get your body MOVING! Who doesn’t want to get fit and feel better mentally & physically? Getting your body moving is a great mood booster and can help fight anxiety & depression. Whether you exercise alone or with a friend, get off the couch and start reaping the benefits of a healthier and happier life!
Benefits of exercising:
Burns calories
Muscle strength
Increases balance, posture & flexibility
Keeps your heart & lungs healthy
Mood Booster – Fights depression & anxiety by increasing endorphins
Helps with coordination, flexibility & agility
Builds endurance
Strengthens bones
Increases focus & concentration
Fun ways to get active!
Hula HoopBeginner Hula Hoop Tricks
Learn to dance with your hula hoop
Hula Hoop Basics: 10 Hand Hooping Tricks 
20 min Beginner Hula Hoop Workout; Hoop Dance Ab Workout
Hula Hoop Workout: 4 Moves for Strong Dancer Arms
SlackliningHow to Slackline for Beginners
Beginner Slacklining: What to Get
Health Benefits of Slacklining
Dance8-Minute Hip-Hop Dance Class
Total Beginner Contemporary Dance Routine
Jazz Fusion Dance Class
How to Shuffle Dance Tutorial
Running/Walking5 Running Tips for Beginners
1500 Step Walking Workout
2500 Step Rock ‘n  Roll Walking Workout
Swim3 Swim Workouts for Beginners
20 Minute Dryland Workout for Swimmers
Biking3 Essential Weekly Bike Workouts
How To Make Your Own Cycling Training Plan
Hacky SackHow to Hacky Sack for Beginners with Scott
Footbag Basics (Hacky Sack) – Kicks
Hiking6 Tips for Beginner Day Hikers
RollerbladingHow to Rollerblade for Beginners
Kickboxing/Boxing10-Minute Beginner Kickboxing Workout
20-Minute Boxing for Beginners Workout Dance
30-Minute at home Boxing Workout
Jump RopingTop 5 Jump Rope Tricks
15 Jump Rope Tricks every Beginner can learn
Work OutYoga for Teens
Yoga for Beginners
Pilates for Teenagers
8-Minute Workout for Teens
10-Minute Workout for Teenagers
Kid & Teen at Home Workout Video led by Teenagers
Teen Cardio HIIT Workout
7 Exercises to Get Stronger
What is the Best Workout for Teens
10-Minute HIIT workout with CrossFit
15-Minute Body Toning Workout for Teens